Poems for Prabhupada

Homage to Srila Prabhupada from Sivarama Swami
Srila Prabhupad Priyastakam
by His Grace Kalakantha dasa

O Srila Prabhupad, Lord Nityananda's sharpest tool,
today, Jagai and Madhai aren't exceptions, they're the rule.
You are that sena-pati-bhakta forecast to appear.
In this world, to Sri Nitai, how could someone be more dear?

Mridangas, kartals, hari-nama and books in endless streams;
Gauranga's mighty weapons in His sankirtan regime.
You launched this sacred arsenal throughout our sorry sphere.
In this world, to Gauranga, how could someone be more dear?

The taste of Radha's love for Krishna prompts Gauranga's form,
a taste you knew could also make the troubled heart transform.
"Seek out Sri Radha's grace," you urged, en route to Boston's pier.
In this world, to Sri Radha, how could someone be more dear?

"Do not disturb the ignorant," sings Krishna in His song;
"their love for sense enjoyment is exceptionally strong."
And yet, for Him, you came to me and boldly interfered.
In this world, to Lord Krishna, how could someone be more dear?

When Radha and her friends pulled Krishna in His stunning cart,
the Rathayatra fest began, a boon to every heart.
You blessed a hundred cities with its blissful atmosphere.
In this world, to Lord Jagannath, could someone be more dear?

When one attacks illusion such as you did, Prabhupad,
he surely will be tested as severely as Prahlad.
You thus left us the Deity who mitigates all fear.
In this world, to Nrsimhadev, could someone be more dear?

The fearless Srila Sarasvati urged his sons to preach,
but ev'ry town and village seemed impossible to reach
until you smashed the barricade and laid the pathway clear.
In this world, to your guru, how could someone be more dear?

Though Jesus said to 'Love thy Lord,' his order was obscured;
the Buddha and the Prophet, too, find chaos masks their words.
But you left us your lawbooks with a message crystal clear.
In this world, to your follower, could someone be more dear?

Despite its faulty rhythm, tortured rhymes and worn-out plan,
a certain fallen poet sings, as sweetly as he can,
this praise of Srila Prabhupad, a subject so sublime
that anyone who listens savors krishna prem in time.

2010 Vyasa Puja Offering to Srila Prabhupada
by His Grace Adhiyajna dasa

Lotus man from a lotus land
beneath desire trees you did stand
with your friend who loves you true
Srila Prabhupada, your favorite color is blue.

In the land where the sweet Yamuna flows
you had to know where does she go,
a floating lotus on her waves, you followed her,
Srila Prabhupada, our past material existence is just a blur.

The lotus world you left, some say,
quite untrue, you just brought it our way,
we were drowning in ignorance's sorrow,
Srila Prabhupada, to you we surrender, today and tomorrow.

As a lotus flower takes time to bloom,
you first studied Maya's gloom
and then you took our knowledge's knife,
Srila Prabhupada, you gave us new life.

Your lotus temples attracted souls of bee nature,
some flew, some ran, others crawled to your shelter,
to all you gave your loving heart's embrace,
Srila Prabhupada, that's why we call you Your Divine Grace!

Sometimes I wonder which pain was worse,
your separation or Maya's curse,
some slipped, some fell, and some wandered,
Srila Prabhupada, other than your ISKCON shelter, we have never pondered.

If love is blind, why do I still see Maya's face?
My sins are many, senses are wild, I'm a disgrace.
Come let us leave our desires behind us,
Srila Prabhupada, on love's path only you can guide us.

Separation and union, the seasons change,
let the pendulum swing, we'll meet you again,
until then, let us take up the fight,
Srila Prabhupada, we'll make you feel proud, right?

by Her Grace Kaumudaki dasi

The springtime of his life was spent
in blossoming enlightenment.

In summer he became mature,
in holy service strong and pure.

He left his children and his wife
to share the autumn of his life.

His harvest was of spiritual truth
accepted by the Western youth.

He left us here one autumn night,
his body died, his soul took flight.

Why wait for winter's ice and snow?
The autumn is the time to go.

The leaves turn gold, and ruby red--
a flitting tribute for the dead.

For, living still, the dead can see
our sorry plight and set us free.

by His Grace Suresvara dasa

First Darsana

Golden swan gliding
Almighty humility
Bow wow bow down now.

First Diksa

He sees my lost soul
Calls me servant, my jaw drops
“Come on, take your beads.”

First Daksina

Shaved skull, orange sheet
Begging down hillbilly street
Five bucks absolute.

Last Words

My life continues
Only by your divine grace
Suresvara dasa.

O Humble Servant
by His Grace Gokulananda dasa

can shallow hearts begin to understand
the beauty of God's true servants
who only live to serve His perfect will
the Golden Lord's desire is theirs
to carry forth His precious gifts
in their trusted hands
to bring down into the world of sorrow
the bounty of divine grace
and start anew His Golden Age
of pure love and brotherhood for all
from among Mahaprabhu's worthy messengers
the humble servant of His servants
Abhay Charan, His fearless acolyte
has been sent to show the world
the power and beauty of divine love
with all its glories and miracles
to give mankind a new beginning
towards God's eternal loving service

His humble servant does carry
from on high the flood of mercy
to extinguish our fiery affliction
Karunavatar's ceaseless downpour of true nectar
to fill our weary hearts with hope
that our heavy struggles
will soon meet their end
so that we can again attain
the hidden gates within our hearts
where purest love stirs up again
upon receiving the divine call
from His humble servant's luminous words
holding high the torch of knowledge
the great light of divya-jnana
to help reveal the inner course
beyond the labyrinth of doubts
towards unseen worlds of selfless love
where the Lord shares His sweet splendour
and loving pastimes of purest delight
His humble servant has labored with love
to build the bridges of bhakti
which alone can help us all
cross beyond this world of ruin
and progress towards life's perfection
embodied before our searching eyes
in your majestic meekness
with unshakable determination
spreading the Lord's glories
to light up the invading darkness
with Krishna's name and fame
O humble servant we pray to thee
that we may take to heart your gifts
of sweet surrender to God's will
and hold on tight to your sure hand
which can take us back to Him
Who alone can fulfill
our heart's endless search
for His pure love
which abundantly flows fom you
His true humble servant.


by Lavanya-mangala-devi dasi

In New York it all began,
as your special mercy sprinkled throughout this land.

Chanting before your munificent murti... exceed all definitions of ecstasy!

My attention transfixed by your awesome magnanimity,
watching the life airs flow through your transcendent humanity;
my life airs are contingent upon your sweet impartiality.

I am loving you and you are loving me
in this precious exchange of Krishna Bhakti.

You offer these precious flowers from your desire tree,
you extend these rare fruits to your nectar collector bees...
...these bittersweet druplets of sacrifice endured on behalf of your devotees...

Prabhupada, I never realized the extent of suffering
you tolerated within this Mrtyu-loka sea.

All the tears I've cried equal but a drop from your waters of charity.
Only a pure soul as you could withstand such intense austerity.

The honeyloka of the Holy Name is concentrated
in the confidential folds of your prema manjaris.

My senses are trembling to comprehend
the tribulations you are revealing to me...

The topmost cream of Lord Hari is swirling into
crystalline encrusted particles of separation from the Proprietor of All that Be.

Is it madness or do I perceive symptoms of sadness
streaming from your divine personality?

How can an insignificant jiva like me fathom
the nectar blossoms from your gardens of spirituality?

Meditation on those who reside in the hive of your heart
consolidates ambrosia into taffy for the masses...

To comprehend the dedication of those who offer rock sugar candy
necklaces unto thee is drenching my consciousness in waves of incredulity.

Prabhupada, please forever churn me in your mead of love for Gaurahari!

2011 Vyasa Puja Offering
by Her Grace Radhika devi dasi

Yesterday we celebrated the birth of your Lord
Sri Krishna Bhagavan,
Today we celebrate the birth of His foremost servitor
Abhay charan Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupada.

What can poor poets say in a few words about His Divine Grace?
But that you are that personality
who brought the great treasure of Krishna prem!

What can we say in a few words about our gurudeva?
That you are that personality who taught us, your disciples, in such a way
as to spread in every town and village the chanting of the Holy name.

What can we say in a few words to magnify your fame?
That you took birth in the age of quarrel to guide an entire humanity
back to the lotus feet of the Lord of the universe.

In a few words we cannot name the list of books you gave to
guide us back to the portals of Goloka's paradise.

In a few words we can only say, that astounding literary feats such as
the output of your Krishna library, your BBT, Bhaktivedanta Book Trust,
giant among theistic publishers, was never seen in the history of publishing!

You brought the Gita, whose illuminating
purports destroy the darkness of a purportedly lost humanity!
You brought the Light of the Bhagavata
to a darkened populace for eternal life of a newly revived age of love,
the sankirtan movement of Gaudiya.

What can we say in a few words about Srila Prabhupada?
But that his ecstatic literatures will provide the law books
for the next 10,000 years of the golden age of Krishna prem

What can we say about him, our eternal Sat guru?
That all students and teachers following in his wake know who is God,
what is the soul, what is the subject matter of our talks and
how to love Radha-Govinda.

Prabhupada is that person in whom we've placed our faith, our words,
our thoughts, our lives, our hearts, and indeed, the mantras he taught.

Prabhupada is that person we waited for through countless births to set
us free from death's rank of mortals

He gave and gives us immortality, knowledge, joy!
He is the satchitananda of our lives, the wellspring of song,
the teacher of dance, the chorale instructor of mass sankirtan,
the custodian of the greatest multi-lingual spiritual library.

Oh Srila Prabhupada, may we now raise up our voice, dance to your rhythms,
speak with one voice the eternal refrain of the mantra of choice,
equipoised in Goloka, Maha-sound of Kaliyuga's destroyer

HARE KRISHNA Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare!

Poem to Prabhupada
by His Grace Drutakarma dasa

servant of God
deliver me
from misery
truth reveal
sufferings heal
awaken the bliss
that I miss
servant of God
sing His name
spread His fame
give His grace
in every place
servant of God
enter my heart
make me a part
of God's family
for eternity
servant of God
give His love
from above
to every soul
make us whole
servant of God
bring me back
on the track
where I belong
after so long
servant of God

by His Grace Anubhavananda dasa

Srila Prabhupada I am yours,
birth after birth after birth,

O most confidential servant of Krishna,
Jagat Guru, guru of the universe.

Thy mercy is what I am made of,
you are my life and soul,
the only one to take me above,
by thy love, even God is controlled.

O servant of Srimati Radharani,
prayed for by thy father, Gour Mohan de,
only you fulfilled Bhaktisiddhanta's wishes,
who is considered Lord Vishnu's pure ray.

Please stay most close to me,
pure dancer for Lord Gaura Hari,
for I am as lost as lost can be,
just drowning in sorrow's sea.

For I'm bereft of sadhu sanga,
entangled in the darkest jungle,
without thy mercy I only mumble,
without thy mercy I endlessly fumble.

So, kindly guide the way,
O most blessed Gurudeva,
without you seated in my heart
I know not what to say.

I must bless this earth
with what I got from you,
life's most precious worth,
the perfect light for alll we do.

The mother of all knowledge,
you have translated for us,
manifesting the sinless life
in a world all gone corrupt.

You bring loving tears
to this lusty pig
because thy heart is so big,
you made a home, all can live.

This home is only invisible
to the eyes of souls asleep,
but this home we must manifest
by hearing all you speak.

You said all was in thy books
and preaching is life,
without life, we can't preach,
and that preaching, is like a knife.

Indeed the sharpest sword,
that manifests our very Lord
by every step and word,
let God's names be always heard.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

Just thy picture destroys ignorance
and sends all demons fleeing,
where you are fully present
to bless all who are seeing.

For you are the guru of the universe,
every blessed soul is your disciple,
just most are in denial
and therefore have all gone wild.

But Lord Gaura's movement
is to wipe out all this envy
by splashing all with Gaura's tears,
dancing madly, He appears.

And with Him are His dancing devotees,
just dancing in pure love of God,
thinking only of how to save everyone,
each gopa germ and king of the downtrodden.

For our very Nama Acarya,
Srila Haridasa Thakura,
proclaimed all were saved by this chanting
to stop Gaura's tears like storm water.

For Lord Gaura was crying,
how can all these souls be saved,
and Haridasa Thakura relieved Him
by preaching the glories of hearing God's names.

So, Lord Gaura preached to every man,
you be guru and preach in every village
to every one you meet, you preach,
just what is our very greatest privilege.

Our very greatest fortune
is to simply hear and chant
those names that make us dance,
and unlimitedly spiritually advance.

And so our greatest misfortune
is to have no attachment for this,
for joining Sri Gauranga's party
to sing God's names, in Krishna consciousness.

And so, Srila Prabhupada,
you're incessantly chanting Kirshna's names,
I beg you, please make me fortunate
to follow the footprints of every pure sage.

But most improtantly,
as Sri Gauranga cried,
take shelter of Krishna's names
or follow thy ugly pride.

O dearest friend to all,
in the north, south, east and west,
because by Bhaktisiddhanta,
you are most greatly blessed.

Please take me by thy hand,
and make me understand
every word that issues from thy lips
so I may walk with you, and with you assist.